Little Travel Tips

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A few important tips to keep in mind before leaving for your next trip!

We all love travelling; we all like to go on holiday a few times a year. But most people dont tend to understand that there are quite a few things we all need to or at least should do before we go on our trip. While not everyone would have the exact same checklist, but below is a list of some of the handy tips from different sites that could help you plan your trip so you could be well prepared

1. Health insurance or travel insurance

Depending on how long you are going for, if you are on a secondment or plan to stay in the new country for a little while then a global health insurance policy should come in handy because it gives you medical coverage globally, no matter where you are. If you are only visiting for a short while then a travel insurance to cover any unexpected events would be ideal

2. Travel Zoo advice

This gives you a extensive list of what you should take care before you go. things like going to bank or ATM or money exachanges because currency conversion at the airport tend to be ripped off, so this is a good reminder to keep an eye on those big charges

3. Fodors list
this is also a very extensive list of items that you should keep in mind before taking off. One important thing they mentioned is getting vaccinated and stock up medicine. This point tends to be more significant if you are travelling to countries like india, Cambodia, etc.

4. Independent Traveler

This list is somewhat a little different as they mainly tell you what not to bring on your trip. One thing they mentioned really well is not to bring any flash jewelry. This makes good sense because if you do happen to lose it during your trip and you don’t have any insurance covered then you will be sorry for bringing it in the first place